Mystic Forest is a fantasy role-playing game site. With fantasy creature like werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters, as well as unique creatures.
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 OOC (Out Of Character)

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PostSubject: OOC (Out Of Character)   OOC (Out Of Character) EmptyThu Aug 10, 2017 1:44 pm

  • Keep your threads age friendly! Do remember that some kids come on this site, so we'd like to keep this an alright environment for them.

  • No Harassment or Flaming. You don't need to be nasty to another player. Characters while roleplaying, sure, but leave your fellow players alone! If there is a disagreement between you and someone, either work it out civilly in PMs or bring it to one of the moderators to get some help. Fighting WILL NOT be tolerated.

  • Topics, follow the lead of the original poster, whether in a roleplay, gallery or any other thread. If someone makes a thread in the Gossip and Chatter section about music, don't go posting pictures of your cat in it. Common sense, really.

  • Spamming is not tolerated anywhere on the forums. Chatting with your fellow members through PM, gossip and chatter section or in the C-box is fine. Posting just 'okay' in a thread? Not really the best of things to do. It's not really talking. But we're not going to kill you for that. Now if you make a fully out of character post in a roleplay zone, then you'll receive an official warning.

  • Theft and Plagiarism. Taking another's story, characters, art, or anything that you can think of (unless given permission) is against the rules! If you are caught, you are highly likely to automatically be terminated from this site, seeing as how we do not put up with theft.

  • DO NOT use any pictures/photographs that you do not have permission from the creator to use. If you absolutely cannot contact the owner of the image, putting a link back to the website it was found on is acceptable.

  • DO NOT post a new help topic or any topic anywhere before reading other topics. Make sure your question has not been answered.

  • You must respect your fellow members at all times anywhere on our site. Bashing, racial slurs or anything that maybe disrespectful to other member will not be tolerated.

  • Our site is for ROLE PLAYING, that means discussing politics, religion or anything that can cause a fight will not be tolerated. (Second part of the password is "of")

  • There is no limit to how many characters that you can have. If you can handle a lot of characters, then go for it. Just do not bite off more than you can chew.

  • Please refrain from using chat speak. We can tolerate phrases such as 'lol', 'brb', etc., but that is only allowed in out of character only.

  • If you break rules, you will be given a warning or warnings. Warnings are like "strikes" - Five strikes and you're out. Out meaning banned, forever. Some offenses are worth more than one warning, so please be nice.

  • If you wish to have one of your topics deleted, please PM one of the staff members. Will are willing to delete them at any time.

  • The staff members are willing to change your username at anytime. All you have to do is PM one of the staff with the username you wish to change it to. Remember that you can only change your username once.
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OOC (Out Of Character)
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