Mystic Forest is a fantasy role-playing game site. With fantasy creature like werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters, as well as unique creatures.
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PostSubject: IC (In Character)   IC (In Character) EmptyThu Aug 10, 2017 1:47 pm

  • You can not enter the creation section without reading the rules and finding the password. The password is divided in all four rule section. It's all lowercase with no spaces.

  • There is a 150 word minimum when roleplaying. Most people hate one-liners. It's very hard for most people to reply to those, since it really doesn't give the other person much to go on. If your not sure how many words your post has, there is a word counter on the right side of the forums.

  • No chat speak. Please use proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling. Chat speak will easily get you in trouble and you may receive a warning from one of the Mods. Using proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling makes you look much more intelligent and mature and is easier on the eyes and brain to read.

  • No images larger than 500 pixels any where on the forums. We will ask you to resize it and if you can't than post a link to where the image is.

  • If you break rules, you will be given a warning or warnings. Warnings are like "strikes" - Five strikes and you're out. Out meaning banned, forever. Some offenses are worth more than one warning, so please be nice.

  • Since this site in new and small there will be an account per character. What that means is that when you have made your character and is approved by one of the staff, you must create a new account with their information on that account. You may use the same e-mail and password for all your accounts.

  • There is a five post rule. What this means that you must make five post with your character before going to other forum. Meaning your character Jack is in Baruk World Bridge, he can not leave Baruk World Bridge until he gets 5 posts in that area, he can't move on until the 5 post are made.

  • No god-moding! You can't do anything to another character without permission. You especially can't kill them!

  • You must follow the lead of the original poster and their rules. (First part of the password is "warriors")

  • No OOC in the roleplaying areas, if you would like to discuss anything about your roleplay than take it to PM.

  • 2 month expired roleplays. If the roleplays has not be replied to in 60 days than that storyline has been expired, we don't want them to be bumped.

  • There is NO liquid timing. Your character can not be in two places at the same time. Make sure your character has 5 post in the area your roleplaying in before they move on.

  • If you would like any of your threads locked, PM one of the staff members and we will gladly lock it for you. Please do not send a PM to Ban Hammer. Thank you.
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IC (In Character)
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