Mystic Forest is a fantasy role-playing game site. With fantasy creature like werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters, as well as unique creatures.
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PostSubject: Sylestia   Sylestia EmptyThu Aug 10, 2017 3:52 pm

When you create your starter pet, you get 4 mutation points, which means you can either do 4 carried genes or two visible genes. I created these three the first one is my Starter Sylesti pet named Utune, which you get when you first create an account with the site. My second one, Urasil, who's a regular Generated Sylesti which you would need to obtain an regular essences to make more one gene sylesti. My thrid one, Xyhtia, who is a Enhanced Generated Sylesti which you would need to obtain a enhanced essences to make more two gene sylesties.
Sylestia Image_builder_pet
My starter pet, Utune
Genes: Tiger Stipes/Lucky Runes
Sylestia Image_builder_pet Sylestia Image_builder_pet
My regular generated pet, Urasil ---------- My enhanced generated pet, Xythia
Genes: Tiger ---------------------------------------- Genes: Fancy Stripes & Mutation: Astral Wings
You also get 25 slots in your stable and 1000 gold. The premium currency works like gems on FR ($5 will get you 500) and the diamond (that's the premium currency) prices aren't unreasonable.

Haven't figured out how to earn scales, which is another currency.

The explore is similar to Aywas, you start in one place and work your way to new areas by completing quests. You earn gold and can find items by completing quests. That's all I've managed to find out so far. There are also newbie giveaways on the forums and you can find some pretty pets in there. I got three today, waiting to hear back on two more.

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