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 The Burrows Of Aeris

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PostSubject: The Burrows Of Aeris   The Burrows Of Aeris EmptyThu Aug 10, 2017 3:53 pm

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The Burrows Of Aeris SnakeThe Burrows Of Aeris Custom6
Jackalope, they'd inhabited the Isles of Aeris for hundreds of years. Living in their burrows, and telling their ancient legends and generally believing that they were the only sentient creatures on the planet. Until humans showed up, now they live in something a little less than harmony. Still, no wars have broken out, and nobody's died yet. Then there's the mystery of Oddin's Peak, the temple that rests on the edge of a cliff. Who could have built it? It's clear that no jackalope paws could have carved that stone. And what of the mysterious Spirits, the curly antlered jackalope that are said to guard Aeris. Why have they only started to be seen again, and why did they disappear in the first place? The jackalope were under the impression that they understood their world, it seems that they were very, very wrong.

The forum really needs more members, and alot is about to happen in The Burrows. We are celebrating the spirit of Halloween until the 1st of November. We would love to see you there. ^_^

Jackalope are customizable, breedable creatures and your first order on Aeris is free. :3 <3 The lineart was drawn by HUN, and all jackalope are coloured by Mousen Heath. :3

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The Burrows Of Aeris
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